Welcome to Experts AZ!
We work in a wide variety of Consulting, Contracting, Engineering and Inspection fields such as:
  • Construction Inspections (workmanship and defect issues)
  • Forensic Investigations (sampling & testing)
  • Causation Investigation
  • Microbial Investigations
  • Floor Level Surveys and Yard Drainage Issues
  • Registrar of Contractor, Inspections/Complaints
  • Cost of Repair Reports & Estimates
  • Cost allocation & Percentages of Responsibility
  • Litigation Support / Expert Testimony
  • Liability Assessments
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Inspections, OSHA - ADA
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  • Environmental & Ecological Services
  • Classification of types of water, Clean/Gray/Black
  • Water Source Identification
  • Industrial Hygiene Surveys
  • Custom Homes, Renovation and Additions
  • Remediation & Restoration Work
  • Structural Engineering
  • Inspections of Commercial and Residential Property and Buildings
  • Computer program designers
  • etc.

Completing a job may require the knowledge of several people. Finding those people, and then asking them to work together to solve the issues at hand can be frustrating. That is why we have developed a specialized team that will conduct true and honest assessments, at a price that is comparable. Nowhere else can you obtain a list of experts with such a wide variety of knowledge. These professionals have extensive backgrounds in their fields. These experts also have their own separate businesses, and conduct work outside this team.

The team consists of forensic experts, construction experts, structural engineers, database and programming experts, industrial hygienists, indoor air quality experts, safety experts, water extraction, and mold experts. When a call comes in the team leader handles it, and then the project is directed to the expert or experts that can best handle the situation. In some cases it may be one individual, or it may consist of several individuals from separate organizations. The uniqueness of finding separate organizations that can handle your project to its fullest capacity is difficult. One call, we can start, and finish your project with true and honest intentions in mind, with cost effectiveness in mind, and with a level of professionalism that cannot be beat. Give us a Call at 602.541.6945