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Slaysman Engineering Inc

About Us

Slaysman Engineering Inc. is a consulting Structural Engineering firm providing services in arizona since 1980. We have a varied background in all types of structures, ranging from single-story to multi-story high-rise buildings to unique structures requiring special analysis and engineering techniques. Our approach is to form a compact design teams resulting in efficient design of the highest quality. This ultimately results in lower construction costs and fewer construction delays. Slaysman Engineering uses in-house computer analysis in all engineering operations. Drawings provided by Slaysman Engineering are 100% computergenerated using the latest equipment and software. Slaysman Enginereing personal maintain active memberships in several professional and technical societies thus enabling us to maintain a high level of technical expertise and professional development.

What We Do

Slaysman Engineering Inc. provides professional services in the following areas: Structural Engineering
* Design, analysis and evaluation of buildings, bridges, and other unique structures.
* Analysis and design of steel, concrete, masonry,and timber structures.
* Seismic analysis, retrofit, and strengthening of existing structures.
* Equipment foundation analysis and design.
* Structural modification and strength evaluation of existing structurals.
* Code compliance evaluation of new and existing buildings.
* Construction compliance observation/inspection.
* Forensic engineering.
Historic Structures
* Structural evaluation, analysis, and stabilization of historic structures.
* Design for rehabilitation and addaptive reuse of historic structures.


Slaysman Engineering Inc. has performed structural services for the following owners:
• City of Phoenix
• City of Apache Junction
• City of Yuma
• Arizona State Parks
• Arizona State University
• Agua Fria School District
• Washington School District
• Kaufman Companies
• Ryden Architects
• Randall Fonce Architects Ltd.
• Jones Studio Inc.


Slaysman Engineering Inc. Strives to provide quality service at a reasonable cost and within a realistic time frame. Our services are dedicated to meeting our clients' needs.