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Sean A Wood
Ascentia Software & Data LLC
(480) 233-8650



Software and Data Services

Ascentia provides complete database and form based business software for your company or enterprise. We use industry standard database structures such as Sql Server, MySql, Oracle, and Access to facilitate the storage of your business/Corporate data. Our developers create forms to your specifications to allow you to enter and view your data. Custom queries and reports are developed and incorporated into your existing Microsoft Office Software applications. Excel, Word, Outlook are then automated to provide you with visual and graphical representations of your changing structure. Reports may be generated On demand or on an event driven basis.

Factory/Plant Automation :

Complete automation of Plant equipment including : Material Handling systems, Chemical Processing , Part inspection , Servos , Robotics , Motor control and instrumentation , Variable frequency drives , Conveyor , Boilers , Heat Exchangers , Bakers , Extruders , Injection molding, Inventory Management , Bar code systems etc. We provide both industry standard MMI packages (Intellution, Wonderware) and custom windows based operator interface. 

Web Services :

Web Services include ASP sites which extend your office or process data to select parties over the internet. We specialize in creating web environments which bring your staff and your information together in real time. Would you like to have your company meetings online? Ask about Macromedia BREEZE technology. Need to connect your traveling staff to the office database? Time sheets, Parts Inventory, Order status, Scheduling: We can bring it all to your web browser. Need to sell products over the internet? We can develop a full service store front which is both secure and enticing.

Data Acquisition :

Both Business and factory data must be acquired, stored, and managed. We employ both electrical and software engineers to ensure that all your information is gathered and stored automatically.  We have 15 years of experience and our customers include (US department of energy, Bridgestone-Firestone. US postal service, Vulcan Chemical, 3M corp.)  and many more. We make your information work for you.